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Jan 6, Jan 7
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What's going on?!

There's only one hour left until the New Year, and nothing's ready yet. Uncle Mark is in panic and embarrassed because of his absent-minded relatives, he tries hard to keep everything under control. Matilda, the mother, is not ready to spend another New Year's eve in the kitchen, cooking for the whole family. This year she has a new mission - to deliver a Christmas Tree to Mars (and asks Elon Musk for some help). Father Abrikosov is finally ready to present his brand new music hit - he wants his family to sing it altogether. The teens just don't care - all they want is to have some fun. Grandparents are giggling in their armchairs, recollecting their youth and the time when they met each other at Woodstock.
What is Cinematic LIVE?
Have a look:

What is the Cinematic LIVE?
It is a new way to watch a performance. All you have to do is turn on the TV, laptop, tablet or your phone, follow the link - and enjoy the real time show at home.

All the tricks will be performed live from the Upsala-Circus tent during the stream and you'll have the opportunity to catch all the details and emotions from different points and angles.

Some of the scenes represent the world of characters' fantasies and memories, their feelings and experiences that are familiar to everyone. These scenes are a series of pre-made videos with different special effects.

Observe how the real-time show "Welcome to the Abrikosovs" is born through the mix of live stream from the circus, pre- recorded videos and sound and music, created specially for the performance. Sometimes it is hard to tell when the live stream changes into recorded videos. It all looks just like a video call with your eccentric relatives.

You can watch the stream online and then watch it in record as many times as you wish within 48 hours
Explore the artists, costumes and all the tricks in every detail.

The artists will jump on a big circus trampoline, juggle, and perform some contemporary dancing. The memorable characters were created by artist Jane Isaeva and the swing music - by composer Dmitry Maximachev.
Enjoy the Cinematic LIVE!
Become a part of the show - bake some holiday cookies along with the characters of the show.

The show uses the "breaking the fourth wall" effect - when the artists address to the viewer from the other side of the screen. They will encourage you to decorate your Christmas Tree, invite you to sing along their holiday song and bake the cookies together, so that at the end of the show you can smell the festive ginger at home.
Watch the show without other viewers.

During the premiere the stream producer and the stage director will create a unique image with different angles of view, dynamic scenes and mixture of live and pre-recorded video scenes.
It doesn't matter how old you are, you'll have fun anyway!

Charming characters, memorable costumes and decorations, mixture of circus genres, beautiful and difficult tricks, ironic plot, jazz rhythms and modern technologies - this combination makes you feel as if the performance was taking place right at home! And it's something definitely worth experiencing.
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(show duration - 45 minutes, UTC +3, one ticket allows to watch the show from one device with any number of viewers, a recording of the show available for 48 hours after it ends)
January 7, 7 pm
in Russian language with English translation

Do I need to see the show?
You do, if the answer is "Yes" to any of these questions:
Do you live anywhere but St. Petersburg, Russia which makes it impossible to visit our offline show at Upsala-Circus?
Do you like to try something new?
Are you tired and do you wish to spend your holidays peacefully at home?
Do you need to entertain your kids while you are busy with your own stuff?
Do you enjoy modern art?
Do you enjoy cinema?
Do you like Upsala-Circus?
Do you suspect that circuses can be different, without creepy clowns and dancing bears?
Do you wish to support the modern circus in Russia?

All you have to do to watch the show is to follow the link from your e-ticket and enter the unique code.

That's it!
You can use any device with Internet access and any browser: your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, Smart TV.

We use Facecast to broadcast the show - it guarantees high quality and stability of the stream. You don't need to download any app.

The record of the show will be available for 48 hours after the stream.

Here are some possible questions you might have:
Buy Global Premiere tickets:

(show duration - 45 minutes, UTC +3, one ticket allows to watch the show from one device with any number of viewers, a recording of the show available for 48 hours after it ends)
The performance team includes over 30 people - circus artists, musicians, producers, streamers, video makers and set designers.

Our aim was to create an opportunity for every single person, no matter where he or she may live, to visit our circus and to feel the show the same way it feels inside the Upsala-Circus tent. It is a possibility to catch every single detail of the acrobatic tricks, costumes and decorations.

Upsala-Circus is a contemporary circus from Saint-Petersburg, established in 2000. During these years it has received numerous local awards and taken part in international festivals including the prestigious "Fringe" festival in Edinburgh. We don't have any animals or clowns in our circus - only professional artists, jugglers and acrobats.
Are you ready to meet the Abrikosovs?

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